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    Workstation 15.5.1, RHEL 8 Server - cannot do muliple displays

    Jake_99 Lurker

      Cannot enable multiple displays on RHEL 8 server.

      1. open-vm-tools installed; RHEL8 image updated to latest patches.

      2. attempts to utilize VMWare tools instead not available as an option - VMware Tools button grayed out. (even after uninstall of open-vm-tools is complete followed by reboot).

      3. With open-vm-tools installed, selecting vm display button on menu bar (lined out) produces error message saying virtual machine must have up-to-date vmware tools installed and running.


      I haven't attempted CentOS 8 to see if same symptoms present.  I recall this being an issue for RHEL7 for awhile (couldn't do three displays until like 7.4+)


      Looking for fix - if any...