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Cannot Bridge to Wireless Network using CENTOS 6.5 under VMWare Workstation 10.03


I am running Workstation 10.03 build 1895310 on Windows 7 Enterprise.

I have installed CentOS 6.5 as a VM.

I am trying bridge my eth0 of my CentOS VM to my wireless adapter Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230.

Under Virtual Network Editor I have set up VMNet0 to bridge to the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 adapter.

Under VM Settings for the Network Adapter I have selected Custom: Specific Virtual Network and chose VMnet0 (Bridged).

When I issue the command dhclient eth0 to get an IP Address from my gateway, I see DHCP Discovers being sent using Wireshark on eth0 but I never see any replies within the VM.

I never see the DHCP Discovers on the host side using wireshark.

My VM never gets an IP Address.

Words of wisdom?



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In the past when the company I worked for had problems connecting to the internet from VMware guests on a laptop over a WiFi connection, it has been the WiFi connection.

Now I will clarify that. WiFi standards at the time only allowed 1 connection over WiFi per device. It is possible that limitation still exists.

The work around was to set the guest to the nat network in order for it to connect to the internet. This allowed the guest to have internet access.The downside is that the guest will not have direct access to host machines network as it would be firewalled off. I do not know if this was fixed in previous years.


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