NSX T evaluation license on NSX DC

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Can I apply the NSX-T evaluation license to NSX DC Enterprise Plus?


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Beginning with NSX-T Data Center 3.1, the NSX license editions that you have assigned to your NSX-T Data Center deployment determine which features you can access in the Policy mode of the NSX Manager user interface. If you have multiple editions of licenses, NSX Manager uses the highest license edition that is applicable.

When the licenses are valid, the order of priority for the license editions is as follows.
  1. NSX Data Center Enterprise Plus, NSX Enterprise Plus per Processor (Limited Export), NSX Data Center Evaluation
  2. NSX Data Center Advanced, NSX for vSphere - Enterprise, NSX for vSphere - Advanced, NSX Data Center Advanced per Processor (for Limited Export)
  3. NSX Data Center Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO)
  4. NSX Data Center Professional
  5. NSX Data Center Standard and NSX for vSphere - Standard
  6. NSX for vShield Endpoint
  7. Add-on license is checked for add-on features, such as NSX Data Center Distributed Threat Prevention.


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