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    Having problems with "Internal error" on newly installed Mac OSX

    wwo Lurker


      I just reinstalled, reformatted Mac OSX on Mac Mini (late 2012). Installed Vmware Fusion 7 (latest), but I'm having problems with running any virtual machine.

      I run "First Aid" on my mac's disk - everything is ok. My File system is: Mac OS Extended (Journaled).


      I installed vmware, downloaded Ubuntu iso. Add -> new -> unchecked "Easy Install"... got an error while running.

      Same story with windows 7 pro. Add -> new -> install from disc or img -> etc... I didn't install Vmware tools, because they're greyed (but even so, they are not necessary for ubuntu (I think).. so I guess it's not a problem).


      I had Vmware running on this machine before the format, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?




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