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    Study VCP550-DCV

    arjandv1 Novice

      Hello All,

      I am studying for the VCP550-DCV Exam.

      Now am practicing some practice exams and I am encountering some questions:


      I have a question about the following question in the quiz for the vcp-DCV550 exam


      Question: What is true about transparent memory page sharing?
      Incorrect response(s):
      It must be enabled on each host
      Explanation: Transparent memory page sharing is enabled on ESX hosts by default.


      I’ve read that tps is not enabled in 5.5 by default anymore:




      So .. what would be the correct answer in a real exam situation?

      Should I choose for the answer that it is enabled by default? Or not?




      Here annother one from my Brian Atkinson Sybex  study guide (vcp-550)


      What is the minimum GB of disk space required for the vcenter server appliance?

      A: 7

      B: 25

      C: 50

      D: 80

      According to the book the correct anwser is A

      VMware KB: Minimum requirements for the VMware vCenter Server 5.x Appliance

      Here you can read that the minimum for versions 5.0 and 5.1 is 7 GB and the minimum for 5.5 is 70 GB..

      When I look at my test vcenter appliance version 5.5 the used storage is 5.48 GB, so why is the requirement 70 GB??



      I hope that the real exams are better!



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          scott28tt Champion
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          Be careful as to which vSphere version any documents, books, or practice questions refer to:


          VCP510 is based on vSphere 5.0/5.1

          VCP550 is based on vSphere 5.5


          So, if you refer to something that was written for VCP510 and it either hasn't been updated at all, or it's been updated poorly, then the answer in the VCP550 exam might be different.


          I would recommend you validate against the vSphere 5.5 product documentation, that's what VMware would have done when writing the VCP550 exam items.

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            arjandv1 Novice

            Thanks for your reply,


            So i guess the right anwser on the exam for 5.5 would be that tps is disabled by default right?


            Regarding the question about  diskspace of the vcenter appliance my issue is that the documentation on the vmware website says:


            vCenter Server Appliance 5.0.x / 5.1.x:

            • At least 7 GB
            • A maximum of 80 GB

            vCenter Server Appliance 5.5.x:

            • At least 70 GB
            • A maximum of 125 GB

            But the vcenter appliance (version 5.5) only takes 5.38 GB in my enviroment so why would it require 70 GB?

            It is thin provisioned but when it would be tick it would require 125GB by default

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              lbourque Master
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              So your original question, I'm guessing the book vendor has a typo. The first answer is likely 70.


              As for TPS, since that is 5.5 P4 it wouldn't apply to the exam. We only test on "vanilla" versions (far too many patches and updates for us to keep the exam at those versions).


              As for the sizing difference, it relates to the number of VMs/Hosts you'd have for your environment. it is thin-provisioned but if you -- when doing the initial install -- choose the larger environment and have an environment that active, you could easily fill the 125GB.


              And we do double-check the answers are correct on the exam.