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    DOS 6.22 with network packet driver and TCP/IP

    Gwart Lurker

          Hello everyone,


      I have done several tryout before posting to the community forums but i need help. My computer is a Asus Striker Extreme with two networks cards built-in.

      Those card are detected as PCNet Fast Family network adapter.


      I am trying to make the network card to work in dos mode with MS-DOS 6.22.  So i've found the packet driver and the network card driver as well. I've tried manual setup,

      and MS Network client setup as well.  Everything seem fine. No error on load for any of the drivers.  It even start the DHCP request and receive a IP adress according to ipconfig from

      the MS Client.


      But if i ping the gateway i get a No response issue.  The loopback ping work (

      So the DHCP request seem to work correctly because i receive the DNS IP information, the gateway IP etc.


      But if i try to ping a site.com or any other IP in the network i get no response.


      I do not want to share my DOS drive with the network, all i want is able to make the network card to work, the packet driver to work and then a old software called The Major BBS with a module called Vircom TCP/IP.  This software is a BBS which give you the possibility to some Internet feature like Telnet In/Out.


      Im doing something wrong in the setup or something wrong with TCP/IP stack even if it receive DHCP informations. My setup in the VM is Network Bridged.  I tried the other setup and got the same issues.


      Can anyone help me with this?

      Thank you.