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    Persistent Storage, Crontab

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      Hi Folks


      I have set up an ESXi 4 box on a Dell PowerEdge 2950. The system performs well and all hardware is recognized. I have attached NFS and iSCSI datastores and would like to perfom automatic backups (using a cron job) from my datastore1 (internal RAID array) to one of the datastores (most likely iSCSI).



      I would like to use ghettoVCB4i.sh which I have stored on my iSCSI datastore (e.g. /vmfs/volumes/vmiscsi/tools/ghettoVCB4i.sh)



      I would like to use the internal crontab of ESXi /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root for scheduling the script (not an external Linux, Windows box using plink.exe or ssh to trigger it) . Is it possible or not ?



      *0 2 * * 6 /vmfs/volumes/vmiscsi/tools/ghettoVCB4i.sh*



      Unfortunately ESXi doesn't store crontab persistently. So my questions are:



      Which directories on ESXi are persistent and which ones are volatile ?



      / (volatile or non-volatile) ?

      /var (volatile or non-volatile) ?

      /opt (volatile or non-volatile) ?

      /bootbank (volatile or non-volatile) ?



      Is there any other way to inject files into an installed ESXi system (not patching CD or USB Stick) ?

      /bootbank/oem.tar ? Does it still exist on ESXi 4 ?






      What about /local.tgz ? When I look at the log file /var/log/sysboot.log I can see the following command executed ner the beginning: tar xzf /local.tgz -C /

      Can I chnage or ad files to local.tgz ? Are they persistent ?




      Does there exist a non-volatile startup script (such as in linux /etc/rc.local) which is called upon startup where I could put

      a command such as



      *echo "0 2 * * 6 /vmfs/volumes/vmiscsi/tools/ghettoVCB4i.sh" > /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root*



      or call another script stored on my datastores ?



      I mean is there any way to persistently hook into ESXi's startup procedure without using external commands ?