Will vSphere support SMB3 or comparable FT storage?

I have been evaluating SMB3 and I have to say that it really eliminates the need to spend a fortune on shared storage.


With automatic RDMA, I get low-latency fault-tolerant shared storage for a tenth of the price.  This.is.wonderful.

With my SANs coming up on 5 years, I have to say that I will adopt SMB3 unless VMware rolls out an alternative.  Does pNFS have a comparable feature set?  I can't tell because all of the documentation is arcane, baroque mumbo-jumbo.

Hyper-V isn't quite there yet but SMB3 makes it a no-brainer for my low-performance, unsexy situation.  But I certainly don't want to do that migration if vSphere/ESXi is going to compete to this end (surely they can do better than Microsoft, yes?).

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