SEG V2 with Kerberos

We've just implemented SEGV2 and are now trying to get Kerberos authentication running Profile created, bot no mails arriving device and in the kerberos-service-manager.log we see the following entry:

### 2019-02-20 18:17:11.625 ERROR (vert.x-eventloop-thread-1) 
[c.a.c.k.s.KerberosServiceManagerImpl] - Failed to restart the service for process
KerberosProcess{pipeName=AirwatchKerberosClientPipe-10, pid=null, nativeProcessRunning=false, status=NOT_STARTED,
totalRequests=0, totalErrors=0, avgTimeInMillis=0.0, activityStartTimeInMillis=1550683031422, processRestartCount=0}
java.io.FileNotFoundException:  or  or . or pipe or AirwatchKerberosClientPipe-10 (Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden) ###


Someone has this up and running? Thanks for feedback

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