Very Slow Disk Responses


I have built a infrastructure for 130 VMs of VDI ( vSPhere4 + View4).

- There are 2 hosts ( 24 cores + 80GB RAM each)

- AX4 SAN with 300GB 15K SAS drives

- 2 x Raid5 (7+1)

Just to create balance, almost 70 VMs should entertain from each host, now what is happening, that I am unable to start more than 40 VMs from each host. Becasue when I do start more than this numbe, users start shouting

I have extracted Perfmon logs and these logs are showing very slow disk responses on both read and write even more than 25ms.

I am attaching PAL tool output, if someone can see these and reply with the recommendation, I think I need to reconfigure the Raids



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I don't think we can solve your problem.

You simply are going to need another LUN - or as you stated breakup the current design so there is a more reasonable spread of VM's per LUN. Be sure not to share spindles, ever.

Just because you can stack 70 VM's per LUN doesn't mean you should.

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