NSX-T LB Encyclopedia

NSX-T LB Encyclopedia

This is one document to learn everything about NSX-T LB Configuration and Management.

  • NSX-T LB Encyclopedia.

This document goes over all the Configuration and Management questions you may have on NSX-T LB and much more!

It lists all NSX-T LB capabilities (LB Deployment, Monitor, Server Pool, L4 VIP, L7-HTTP VIP, L7-HTTPS VIP, LB Rules, and Troubleshooting) with detailed examples for each.

Note: Deck updated with NSX-T 3.1.


You can find another great document to learn everything about NSX-T native LB capabilities:

  • NSX-T LB ToI

This document highlights NSX-T native LB capabilities and its latest NSX-T 3.1 enhancements.

Document available on: NSX-T LB ToI


Nice: NSX-T 2.5 - About when will it be available for general download?

Available now 🙂

Dimitri - Thanks for the great load balancer deep dive.  I just upgraded from NSX-T 2.5.1 to NSX-T 3.0 and I noticed immediately that all load balancer pools and VIPs went "DOWN" after the upgrade.  It took some trial and error to figure out that the problem had to do with the "HTTP Response Body" criteria in the Active HTTP Monitor.  In the v2.5.x, I could specify any word or text string that appears on the Web page (for example, "Welcome"), and the server pool would stay "UP" as long as the web page contained that text string.  However in v3.0 it seems that whatever text string I specify under "HTTP Response Body" results in all server pool members going "DOWN" even when the text string is present on the Web page body.  Is this expected behavior in v3.0?  If so, what is the syntax expected in v3.0 for "HTTP Response Body"?  Thanks!

Idea 1: Try HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1 in your tests.

Idea2: I  suggest you look at the slide "Why Pool Member down". You'll see the Edge Node CLI command to understand the reason why the pool member is considered down.

Anyway, I suggest you open a bug to VMware, since it looks like there is a regression issue here.

I am not able to locate the document to download.. i can only see one ppt

Should "X-Forewarded-For" on a HTTP loadbalancer (Tier-1) work with IPv4 and IPv6 on NSX-T 3.1.1?

(It seems for IPv6 the edge router´s own address is still used, i.e. fcxx:...)


There is indeed only 1 ppt here under attachment (the NSX-T LB Encyclopedia).

Note: I mention on that page also another great document (NSX-T LB ToI) for people's information. 


thank you for sharing !

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