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VMware Horizon client - How to add a second server

We currently have one server address in our VMware Horizon Client called "vdi.mspartners.com". This is so all our users can access their VDI's and Apps through our UAG. But due to DR reasons we have stood up a "vdi2.mspartners.com" address that we also need to add to all of our users clients. This would be about 200 users. No we do not have a load balancer or we would just do that. But what I need to do is add that second server address by either GPO or some other method and it needs to be silent requiring no user input. From my research I came across the following method.

Running the following command: "c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client\vmware-view.exe" --serverurl vdi2.mspartners.com 

But this brings up the client and the user than has to click on "Cancel". I need a way to do this silently. So far I see no where in the Registry that we can do this. I have also come across the "prefs.txt" file that one person talked about. The problem with this file is that it is user profile specific and so it would be almost impossible to have an updated file for each user. Again, I need to send this out in mass and I need it to be quiet. 

Please help me asap...

Todd Green

Jeffrey Todd Green
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Client preference file is the best way to share to end user and replace it with their existing one. However, it is difficult to make the changes on multiple end users client machine.


You can consider the below setup.

  1. CS1: CS1.xyz.com ( internal FQDN)
  2. CS2: CS2.xyz.com ( Internal FQDN)
  3. Deploy 2 UAGs with HA enabled.
  4. UAG1 point to > CS1.xyz.com
  5. UAG2 point to > CS2.xyz.com
  6. UAG HA VIP URL : "vdi.mspartners.com".

Hence, the above setup will avoid single point for failure at both UAG and Connection server level and at the same time, end users need not have to add any secondary URL as the URL still remain the same.

If you want to know or have resource as how to configure or best way to configure UAG HA let me know.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Horizon Client should not support this function. There is no GPO to allow configure more than one server address.