SNMP CPU-usage values differ from reality


I observed a strange behaviour on my ESXi 7.0 Host. I am monitoring my server via SNMP, and am in the process of setting up a monitoring dashboard. I noticed that in my dashboard the CPU-usage jumped on all cores to high values since I set it up a few days ago. I checked the host directly and the usages seem to be all in nominal ranges.

When viewing the history of the collected data I see multiple phases in which the snmp values seem tobe correct, however they seem to start and end at random.

In my dashboard/ Telegraf config I am checking the values in HOST-RESOURCES::hrProcessorTable.

Is there any explanation for this behaviour that I am missing? I didn't touch the host during these behaviour-changes at all...

SNMP-collected CPU-usage, last hourSNMP-collected CPU-usage, last hour

monitoring on hostmonitoring on host

SNMP-collected CPU-usage, last 2 daysSNMP-collected CPU-usage, last 2 days

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