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    Virtual Printing Issues with Horizon View 7.9

    Alex88 Novice

      Hello, we are trying to configure virtual printing (Thin Print technology) with Horizon View 7.9. UNfortunely there is a lack of troubleshooting so that why i am here.

      We have vcenter 6,7 vcsa, esxi 6.7 u1, horizon view 7.9 trial and thin clients HP t530 Win 7 embedded. We have deployed windows 7 professional as virtual machine gold image. On thin client computer we have view client version 5.1 and while connecting we are unable to use virtual printing in desktop vm. we have network printer installed on hp thin client but cannot redirect this network printer inside to virtual desktop.

      i have tried following:  https://  kb.vmware.com/s/article/1013520

      logs and print srceen of autoconnect files are attached.

      tpautoconnect states this error "Client with an older version" -strange

      please waiting for your help.