ESXi 5.1 PSOD #pf exception 14 in world


   I am using HP BL460G7 and BL620cG7 hardware for ESXi 5.1 fresh installation. The OS has been installed successfully on all 6 hardware. 01 BL 620C G7 server is rebooting almost every day for a week and throwing PSOD as attached with the message #pf exception 14 in world.  The OA and Blades are running with latest firmwares.

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VMware is aware of this issue.

To workaround this issue, reboot the host. Rebooting the host restarts the counter and eliminates the risk of any failure.
To avoid a reboot, you can check to determine if your system is at risk.
To determine if your system is at risk, run this script in the ESXi command line:

highWID=$(vsish -e ls world | sed 's!/$!!' | sort -n | tail -n 1)
let microFull=highWID/7400
echo ${microFull}
If this script returns a value close to 100,000, it is recommended to schedule a reboot.
I was able to keep my system active after disabling Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost technologies from BIOS I solution is still awaited..
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