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vSphere API - Events, Alarms, and Tasks - Coffee Talk Webinar - Wed. April 28, 2010 9:00 -10:30 AM PST

Webinar Completed Thanks for attending.

Webinar Title: All about vSphere Events, Alarms, and TasksThis session explains all about events, alarms, and tasks. It talks about how to create custom events, custom alarms, and inject tasks into the vCenter Server so that those are visible in the vSphere client. This session assumes that the audience is familiar with using the SDK.

Speaker: Balaji Parimi - Ecosystem Engineering

Level: Advanced, familiar with the vSphere APIs


o PPT attached (see below)

o MP3

o Sample Code more posted on our site.

o Java - Alarms and Events - Ref in Webinar

o Perl -[Create Alarm for all VMs in Data Center|d-9995]

[VMware vSphere Events and Alarms | http://vimeo.com/11275251] from heyitspablo on Vimeo .</p>

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