Airwatch Remote Management screen, invalid Profile

Since the new year, when I've tried to re-enroll/enroll any of our devices, I'm getting an Invalid Profile error after the Remote Management screen stating it will be managed by my organization

"The configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from Shasta College"
"Invalid Profile"

I've tried the following:
--Updated the DEP Enrollment Program token
--Updated the VPP token under VPP Managed Distribution
--Created a new DEP profile and applied that new profile to be used as the default DEP profile

I'm still getting the Invalid Profile error.

We are running Airwatch

Is there a way to see some logging on what may be causing the invalid profile?

Any suggestions would be welcome.  

Thank you,


One bit of info is I'm getting the invalid profile on iOS 16.2.  I just tried an iPad out of the box that had 15.6.1 installed and it worked, so it looks like it doesnt like the latest version.  I'm guessing due to the old version of Airwatch we are running?

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