P2V and Disk Alignment

I have ESX Server 3i 3.5.0 build 123629

VMWare Infrastructure Client

VMWare Standalone Converter -4.0.0-146302

Virtual Center is getting built but not available to me yet.

I am trying to convert physical machines to VMs. These servers are all Win2003.

Most are not aligned and some are.

However using the Converter and choosing "local machine" as source and Infrastructure Client as destination, the resultant VMs are all mis-aligned.

It doesn't matter if the the physical machine was aligned to begin with, the VM is not.

Is there a way to align the blocks during or after P2V?

I tried a solution posted at using DFSEE but it didn't work.

I can create a new blank VM, use diskpart to align the disk. Is it possible then to P2V to that exiting, pre-aligned VMDK file?

It seems that P2V to the Infrastructure Center creates mis-aligned partitions by default. Does VirtualCenter create aligned partitions by default?

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very interesting, i never knew p2v did that. I hope somewhere from vmware responds back. VirtualCenter does align the vmfs properly but i am not sure about vm's

-Dwayne Lessner
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Once you converted your Physical m/c in to Virtual then automatically the HDD format has changed as VMDK file only

Using Gparted tools or any partion tool u can expand the size of the HDD.

And one thing is sure when you minimize the space while doing P2V then speed of the convertion will be slow.



Regards Kathir
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No vCenter doesn't create aligned OS partitions. It creates aligned VMFS volumes and that's it. OS partition alignment must be done within the VM. You could use the NetApps tools to do the alignment after a P2V by the way:



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