how to see disk status rebuild - degraded storage raid array

Hi all,

On esxi-5.5 I am trying to see disks rebuild status via command line. If am am using vcenter, I can see that storage status is degraded and also see which disk is ok and which one is in rebuilding state. Still missing percentage of complete operation (need it to estimate somehow time till entire array will be rebuild). See attached picture ...

How can I see it via command line? Which command to use? All I tried till now on esxi-5.5 server did not returned what I want.

~ # esxcli software vib list | grep -i lsi

lsiprovider                    500.04.V0.57-0007                      LSI       VMwareAccepted    2016-02-09

scsi-megaraid-perc9            6.902.73.00-1OEM.550.0.0.1331820       LSI       VMwareCertified   2016-02-09

scsi-megaraid-sas              06.805.56.00-1OEM.550.0.0.1331820      LSI       VMwareCertified   2016-02-09

lsi-mr3                     VMware    VMwareCertified   2016-02-09

lsi-msgpt3                 VMware    VMwareCertified   2016-02-09

~ #

~ # ls /dev/disks/naa*



~ # esxcli storage core device list -d naa.690b11c032dd0a001a72f5381cd6061b


   Display Name: Local DELL Disk (naa.690b11c032dd0a001a72f5381cd6061b)

   Has Settable Display Name: true

   Size: 2861056

   Device Type: Direct-Access

   Multipath Plugin: NMP

   Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.690b11c032dd0a001a72f5381cd6061b

   Vendor: DELL

   Model: PERC H310

   Revision: 2.12

   SCSI Level: 5

   Is Pseudo: false

   Status: on

   Is RDM Capable: false

   Is Local: true

   Is Removable: false

   Is SSD: false

   Is Offline: false

   Is Perennially Reserved: false

   Queue Full Sample Size: 0

   Queue Full Threshold: 0

   Thin Provisioning Status: unknown

   Attached Filters:

   VAAI Status: unsupported

   Other UIDs: vml.0200000000690b11c032dd0a001a72f5381cd6061b504552432048

   Is Shared Clusterwide: false

   Is Local SAS Device: false

   Is SAS: false

   Is USB: false

   Is Boot USB Device: false

   Is Boot Device: false

   No of outstanding IOs with competing worlds: 32

~ #

Still missing rebuild status. Which command to use on esxi or vcenter to see rebuild status?

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Good morning, is this for vSAN or disks in a RAID presented to ESX?  If it's the latter, I would think the best way to find this is from a CLI utility provided by the card manufacturer.

If it is vSAN then the RVC command vsan.resync_dashboard, should give you what you need.  http://www.virten.net/2013/12/manage-vsan-with-rvc-part-2-vsan-cluster-administration

Thank you, Zach.

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Hi Zach,

Yes, it is a RAID virtual disk. Finally I sove it by installing MegaCli from avago.

/opt/lsi/MegaCLI # ./MegaCli -PDRbld -ShowProg -PhysDrv [:1] -a0

Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure N/A, Slot 1 Completed 7% in 170 Minutes.

Exit Code: 0x00
/opt/lsi/MegaCLI #

Thanks for hint Smiley Wink, It is working Smiley Happy

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