Cloud Director 10.4.1 VCPLCM 1.4 - Load Balancing Issue

I am trying to get info on Load Balancing Cloud Director 10.4.1, I am deploying using VCPLCM 1.4, but it is failing on the ceritifcate change step, I believe this is due to a fault in the Load Balancer Setup, I see plenty of information on Load Balancing vCD up to 10.4 when the seperate port for console proxy was removed - but it is unclear what changes are required to accomodate this on the LB side, 

Is there anything similar to the below for vRA for vCD, struggling to find anything thats specific to 10.4 o 10.4.1

vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator Load Balancing (vmware.com)

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