grafana/telegraf config.vpxd.stats.MaxQueryMetrics


I'm using grafana [web graphing tool] to show VMware stats.

I'm using vSphere 7.

The solution uses telegraf to collect the stats and it comes up with this error:

restricted by the administrator - 'vpxd.stats.maxQueryMetrics'

So I've tried to query that parameter in powershell:

Connect-VIServer -Server

Get-AdvancedSetting -Entity -Name config.vpxd.stats.MaxQueryMetrics

This 'Get-AdvancedSetting' returns nothing.


1. Does this mean that the config.vpxd.stats.MaxQueryMetrics is set to the default which I understand is 64?

2. To set it would I:

Get-AdvancedSetting -Entity YourvCenter -Name config.vpxd.stats.MaxQueryMetrics |

Set-AdvancedSetting -Value -1

3. Is there any ramifications of setting config.vpxd.stats.MaxQueryMetrics to -1? Like extra memory usage,extra CPU resources? 

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Initial data point is recorded and no further data points, once the last recorded data point exceeds 3Hrs my Grafana dashboard shows no further capacity information. You can see in the log that it finds 132 metrics, but then only consistently writes 6 metrics. Its almost as if its not writing the others simply because their value's have not changed. But the values remaining constant is to be expected as datastore capacity may not change for days, or even weeks.


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