Workstation and Player GUI freezed when host clipboard has image on Windows 10


I found a strange problem, when there is a image on my host clipboard (a image, not a image file) and back to VM and click some text box, the workstation (or player) will get freezed for a while and consume a lot of CPU, but the VM continues running when workstation GUI freezed.

Reinstalling VMware Workstation, re-adding the VM or deleting USB controller doesn't help.

Windows version: Windows 10 2004

Workstation/Player version: 15.5.5

Guest OS: Windows7 x86 and latest Kali Linux (Both have the problem)

Guest OS has the latest vmware tools.

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Just had the same issue recently, running Windows 10 and VMware Player 16.  I was using cut and paste of text from a SSH session in the VM GUI session, to the WIndows clipboard.  Text not picture or graphic.  So the issue is not clipboard content specific.  The VM is up and running, only the VM GUI via VMware Player communication freezes.  Moreover, the CTRL-ALT-DELETE button fails to trigger such in VM, so it is really the WM GUI application failing to communicate to VM.


Windows Version...
Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2
Installed on 9/23/2021
OS Build 19044.1415

VMware Player Version...
VMware Workstation 16 Player, 16.2.1 Build 18811642

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