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VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2015 is available!

The VMware Workstation team is very excited to announce the VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2015 release! We're providing public access to this Tech Preview to gather feedback from users on a wide range of hardware and software configurations. The VMware Workstation Tech Preview 2015 includes changes to the core virtualization engine and new capabilities we are exploring. We would appreciate feedback in the following areas:

  • New OS Support including Windows 10 Insider Preview
  • DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 Support
  • Performance Improvement for VM Suspend, Resume, and Snapshot
  • IPv6 NAT Support
  • High DPI Display Support
  • Tear Away Tabs

You can find more information about this Tech Preview release including download link and license key from VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2015 Forum. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Thank you!

The VMware Workstation Team!

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