Drag'n'Drop of large Files - Just a thought

Hi there.

Recently I was using the Drag'n'Drop-Feature of VMWare Player a lot, and I came to wonder: when there's a "Copying Files..."-Dialog displayed by the Windows Explorer, is the process of copying files done by the Explorer (or at least the Shell API) ?

Well, it is - sort of. VMWare seems to copy all the files into a directory in %TEMP%, and then moves them to the desired destination (this behavior seems to be dictated by the way the Shell handles file drops, though).

But, there's no possibility to abort the process of copying into %TEMP%!

So, in case someone would copy a large amount of data, big enough not to fit on the filesystem where %TEMP% points to, one will have to wait until the process fails, or kill VMWare.

I tried that, and VMWare also does not seem to check the available disk space on the %TEMP%-Drive (it's usually C: on Windows, which is not meant to be filled up completely).

Also, the way it's currently done, if you're not dragging to the same filesystem, the files will have to be copied twice.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to specify the position where the files should be placed (e.g., having a dialog popping up asking for the destination and abort the Drag'n'Drop process instead)?

But, as I the title says, it's just a thought, and copying large amounts of data using drag'n'drop might be a very rare use case.

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