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I have this script of power cli getting the required results of vmware.log file last modified time to know the last VM used date & time. 


$dsName = 'datastore1 (1.105)'
$ds = Get-Datastore -Name $dsName

New-PSDrive -Location $ds -Name DS -PSProvider VimDatastore -Root '\' | Out-Null

Get-ChildItem -Path "DS:" -Filter vmware.log -Recurse | select -Property DatastoreFullPath,LastWriteTime | Export-Csv D:\Result1.csv -NoTypeInformation

Remove-PSDrive -Name DS -Confirm:$false


My Requirement: 

Please help me out to get VM name also, I want to get also VMs detalis such as VM full name, Specs etc using Get-VM, any way to get results Get-VM and Get-ChildItem results combine and  export in single CSV file such as VM name and details and respectively get vmware.log last modified date from internal data store as working in the above mentioned script. 

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VMware Employee

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