Slight inconsistency bug in move-datacenter, move-vm cmdlets

When you run one of these cmdlets with the -RunAsync param, the output is a ClientSideTaskImpl object, as opposed to what most of the others I've seen use which is a TaskImpl object. The output at the command-line is different as well as you can see here:

PS > Get-VM fudgeapp01 | Set-VM -MemoryMB 256 -RunAsync -Confirm:$false

Name                           State      % Complete Start Time   Finish Time
----                           -----      ---------- ----------   -----------
ReconfigVM_Task                Running             0 09:31:40 PM

PS > Get-Datacenter my* | Move-Datacenter -Destination (Get-Folder test) -RunAsync

Id              :
IsCancelable    : False
IsComplete      : False
Result          :
Name            : MoveIntoFolder_Task
Description     : Move Entities
State           : Running
PercentComplete : 0
StartTime       : 9/14/2008 1:32:06 AM
FinishTime      :
ObjectId        :

This does not seem to affect the functionality of the cmdlet, but it may certainly throw someone for a loop if they were trying to correlate the task objects back to the server tasks to update status in a script. Based on examination, it looks like the ClientSideTaskImpl objects don't even include an ID property, so that would make such correlation quite difficult.

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Did you ever solve this?

I'm running into something similar, but behavior varies across two different hosts.  Host A is running PowerShell 2.0 w/ PowerCLI 4.0 U1 Build 208462 on Windows XP.

Host B is running PowerShell 2.0 w/ PowerCLI 4.1 U1 Build 266648 on Windows 2008 SP2.

On Host A, I make an asynchronous call to Set-VM and get back a valid Task object.  The same script on Host B results in a ClientSideTaskImpl object which is not very useful.

I'm thinking this must be a change between the 4.0 and 4.1 versions of PowerCLI?

In both cases I am talking to a vCenter 4.1 server.

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