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Developer Day Session Update - Extending PowerCLI to Enterprise Applications with Virtualization EcoShell


Happy to have Scott present at our upcoming Developer Day. 1 day event is $249.00 and attendees will get a FREE vSphere Standard License with registration.

Register or learn more about event http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange

Session ID: TBD

Title - Extending PowerCLI to Enterprise Applications with Virtualization EcoShell

IT organizations are identifying increasingly more flexible ways to effectively manage their environments as Windows PowerShell gains in popularity. Through the introduction of VMware PowerCLI, power users and developers are identifying new methods to rapidly develop new features to enhance their virtualization management capabilities. Learn how Vizioncore's Virtualization EcoShell can provide a Graphical Development platform for VMware PowerCLI and the vSphere Web Services SDK that simplifies the development effort required to create PowerShell-based management solutions that extend from the Hypervisor and deep into the Datacenter.

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Scott M. Herold

Lead Architect - Virtualization Business Quest Software

Added event info link

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Is anyone using Virtualization Ecoshell with ESX 3.5 and vCenter 2.5? I wanted to verify that it was backward compatible since there isnt anything specific compatability list anywhere.

I did some preliminary testing and was nice provided snapshot inventory which is the main reason I was investigating the tool.


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Yup 'tis.

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What Hal said. We originally built all capabilities for ESX 3.X / VC 2.X. Fortunately, the PowerCLI team did an AWESOME job at porting existing functionality into vSphere so we only had to modify some of the version checks we were doing. Right now we fully support both versions and we will be adding some of the enhanced vSphere capabilities for our VMworld release.


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