Reference Design Guide for PAS and PKS with VMware NSX-T Data Center

Reference Design Guide for PAS and PKS with VMware NSX-T Data Center

Authors: Samuel Kommu & NSBU/CNABU with Pivotal Customer Success Team

This is the first comprehensive reference design covering Pivotal Application Services(PAS) and Pivotal Container Services (PKS). This design guide is intended to serve two different domains of enterprise customer.  First to help and offer a baseline design for the application developer and devops professionals. Secondly, to infrastructure professional in providing guidance on how to rapidly adopt cloud native application into their infrastructure. Reader will appreciate the NSX-T Data Center Container Plugin (NCP) enabling programmatic provisioning of cloud native workload with necessary enterprise level homogenized connectivity, security, monitoring and consistency.  

This design guide starts with a brief introduction to cloud native world and PAS and their challenges around networking and security in Chapters 1-4.  Followed by a deep dive into the NSX-T Data Center's integration with PAS using NCP and how it helps address the networking and security challenges in an agile automated fashion without compromising on security and providing the same monitoring capabilities at the container level as available with a virtual machine port in Chapter 5.  Chapters 6-8 focus on the considerations around routing, NAT, LB, Security when deploying PAS on NSX-T Data Center.  Chapters 9-11 focus on similar aspects on the PKS front.  Finally, chapter 12 ends with options on how to run PAS and PKS on a single NSX-T Data Center domain.

This design guide is written and aligns with Datacenter NSX-T Reference architecture recommendation, however certain design choices that relates to PAS and PKS workloads are differentiated where necessary.  For general NSX-T Data Center design guidance, please refer to the NSX-T Reference Architecture:

Feedback and Comments to the Authors and the NSX Solution Team are highly appreciated.  Happy Reading.

--The VMware NSX Product Management


Thanks for this Guys!!!

Very detailed and informative, not just about NSX-T but it also gives a really good detailed overview of PAS and PKS and their components!  Good effort! :smileylaugh:

Wonder if there will be a PKS community soon tied to NSX-T ?

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