NSX Small and Medium Business (SMB) Data Center Design Guide

NSX Small and Medium Business (SMB) Data Center Design Guide

This design guide is in initial draft status and feedback is welcome for next updated version release.

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The goal of this guide to outline options and possibilities in designing NSX in Small data centers/environments.

NSX has emerged as the leading software platform to virtualize network and networking services. Many customers have deployed NSX to run their production and non-production workload to get the benefits that comes with virtual networks and software defined network approaches. NSX has been deployed from small to medium to large sizes of data centers to enable a wide-range of use-cases.

There are situations where large enterprises have also deployed NSX in their small data centers islands within the overall large environment. There are also situations where small and medium businesses (SMBs) are deploying NSX with small number of hosts to take advantage of network virtualization. Regardless of the size of the enterprise, small data center is a viable option and relevant for all type of customers, enterprises and businesses.

This document is targeted toward virtualization, security and network architects interested in deploying VMware NSX Network virtualization solution in a vSphere environment.

Thanks to all the contributors and reviewers of this document.

This will also soon be posted on NSX Technical Resources website (link below):


Feedback and Comments to the Authors and the NSX Solution Team are highly appreciated.

- The VMware NSX Solutions Team


‌thanks for sharing bro!


Good to know for SMBs

It is picky, but there is a typo in the filename. I am assuming "small" should be "small."

Thanks for pointing it out. I have fixed it.

Nice doc. This will be very helpful for smaller customers to get started. I noticed a lot of DRL typos and on page 26 (I think), some wordsmithing might make it more clear that you are saying anti-affinity rules are auto-created for DLR CVM because they are always deployed as an HA pair. Overall, a very helpful document.

Great to start with. I am going to use it as a reference for a POC setup.

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