What's New in VMware Fusion 4.pdf

What's New in VMware Fusion 4.pdf

What's New in VMware Fusion 4 – (September 14, 2011)

VMware Fusion 4 is packed with more than 90 new features and enhancements

True Mac Installation Experience

  • Drag and drop to install VMware Fusion to your folder of choice
  • Double-click to upgrade from earlier versions of VMware Fusion
  • New DMG / disc design
  • Drag and drop to Trash to remove, no uninstaller needed
  • USB key included with box product to install on Macs without optical drives

64-bit Cocoa App Top to Bottom

  • 64-bit VMware Fusion app
  • 64-bit VMware Fusion Start Menu app
  • 64-bit VMware Fusion Services app
  • 64-bit USB Arbitration tool
  • 64-bit ThinPrint
  • 64-bit core virtualization engine (first introduced in VMware Fusion 3.x)

Less Impact on Your Mac

  • Zero impact on Mac resources when VMware Fusion & Start Menu are not running
  • Completely self contained Cocoa app
  • Run from any folder you choose
  • Dynamically load and unload services on-demand
  • Dynamically load and unload kernel modules on-demand

Get Started and Get Out of The Way – All New Virtual Machine Library

  • New iTunes inspired Welcome to VMware Fusion to get you up and running quickly
  • Refined experience to show only the information you care about and get out the way
  • Show more virtual machines at once without needing to scroll
  • Start virtual machine and virtual machine library goes away automatically

More Room To Work – All New Single Window View

  • New smaller default toolbar to see more of your VM
  • Remove status bar combined with smaller toolbar gives you more 44% more work space
    (54 Pixels New - 20+76 = 96 Old)
  • Adds active device status and device settings to toolbar
  • Ability to quickly show and hide active device status and device settings
  • New optional “Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete” toolbar button
  • New optional “Pause” toolbar button

Change Settings in a Familiar Way – All New Virtual Machine Settings

  • Works like the Mac’s System Preferences
  • Overlay to make it clear which virtual machine settings you are changing
  • New General overview category with insight on disk space used & clean up option
  • Applications Menu broken out as separate category
  • Default Applications broken out as separate category
  • Startup disk broken out as a separate category
  • Hard Disk category simplified to put what you care about front & center and hide less relevant
  • New Compatibility category for virtual machine upgrade/downgrade

Run More 3D Windows Apps and Games – Improved 2D/3D Graphics

  • Greatly improved 3D graphics performance, up to 2.5X faster on OS X Lion
  • Greatly improved 3D graphics reliability and performance for Windows XP virtual machines
  • Support for AutoCAD 2010, 2011, 2012 for Windows XP
  • Support for AutoCAD 2012 for Windows 7
  • Greatly improved performance with Solidworks. Solidworks 2011 SP3 or later recommended.
  • Greatly improved performance with Altium Designer
  • Improved support for DOS style VGA games on Windows

Run Windows Apps Even More Like Mac Apps - Unity Gets Better

  • Automatically add user installed Windows Apps to Mac Applications folder
  • Automatically add user installed Windows Apps to Launchpad
  • Add any selected apps to Mac Applications folder and Launchpad
  • Remove specific apps from Mac Applications folder
  • Search user installed and user chosen Windows apps in Spotlight
  • High resolution icons up to 512x512
  • Support for Mission Control
  • Improved support for Spaces
  • Improved support for Expose

Share More Easily - Shared & Mirrored Folders Improvements

  • Downloads available as Mirrored Folder
  • Movies available as Mirrored Folder
  • Faster browsing of Shared and Mirrored Folders
  • Updates to Mac folders now available without refresh in Windows

Lion on Lion - OS X Lion in a virtual machine

  • Run OS X Lion in a virtual machine
  • Run OS X Lion Server in a virtual machine
  • Support for sound in OS X Lion virtual machines
  • Just drag "Install Mac OS X Lion.app" onto New VM Assistant to start install

Snapshots and AutoProtect Improvements

  • All new Time Machine inspired user interface to get more of snapshots
  • Show snapshot trees and dependencies
  • Zoom to find by date
  • Resize snapshots to meet your needs
  • AutoProtect defaults now optimized for optimal Time Machine compatibility
  • See time of next AutoProtect snapshot in Snapshot window
  • AutoProtect settings now in Snapshot window for easier setup

Virtual Disk Management Improvements

  • New disk space usage break-down in General pane of Virtual Machine Settings
  • Shrink Windows virtual disks with snapshots (snapshots must be created in Fusion 4 or later)
  • Shrinking Windows virtual disk faster than previous versions of VMware Fusion
  • Ability to resize Mac virtual disks and then update virtual partition size with Apple’s Disk Utility

PC Migration Improvements

  • Fastest PC Migration solution now works when running on OS X Lion

Transition Animations All New

  • Switch Full Screen to Unity
  • Switch Single Windows to Full Screen
  • Bring Up Settings
  • Bring Up Snapshots

Networking Improvements

  • NAT: Handle changes between wired and wireless networking more seamlessly
  • NAT: Improved proxy detection

USB Improvements

  • Option to set devices to connect to Mac by default, ask, or connect to Windows

Bluetooth All New

  • Virtual Bluetooth support
  • Connect phone to a virtual machine, sharing with Mac

Encrypted Virtual Machines All New

  • AES encrypted virtual machines for when security is needed
  • Password required to open encrypted virtual machines

Pause Your Virtual Machines All New

  • Pause your full screen & single window VMs to give you more resources when you need them

Remote Disc All New

  • Remote Disc drive support to install OS & software on MacBook Airs from a remote CD/DVD

Audio Improvements

  • HD Audio with up to 5.1 Audio
  • Improved support for audio and video conferencing applications on Windows 7

Optimized for latest multicore Macs

  • Improved virtual SMP performance lets you get the most of new quad core Macs

CPU Improvements

  • Optimized support for latest Intel processors including Intel Sandy Bridge
  • Support for AVX multimedia instructions with Intel Sandy Bridge


  • Suspend virtual machines without prompt when closing virtual machines or quitting app
  • Updated Quick Look plug-in for virtual machines
  • Open and Run menu option to add a virtual machine to Virtual Machine Library and run it

Learning Center

  • New online learning center to get the most of VMware Fusion

New Guest Operating Systems Supported

  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Mac OS X Server 10.7
  • CentOS 6.0
  • Debian 6.0
  • FreeBSD 8.2
  • Mandriva 2010
  • openSUSE 11.4
  • SUSE Linux 11 SP1
  • RHEL 6.0
  • VMware ESX 5
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