VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate now available...

VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate now available...

VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate (build 113392) is now available! VMware Fusion 2.0 will be a free downloadable upgrade for all VMware Fusion 1.x customers when released.

Click here to download VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate (build 113392): http://www.vmware.com/communities/content/beta/fusion20/registration.html

New and Improved Features in VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate

VMware Fusion 2.0 RC has many enhancements and fixes, including:

Windows Virus Protection Included

  • To keep your Windows-on-Mac experience as safe as possible, VMware Fusion includes a complimentary 12-month subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to help protect your Windows XP and Windows Vista virtual machines.

Now Available in Seven Languages

  • VMware Fusion 2 includes support for seven languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Italian and Spanish

User Interface Improvements

  • Snapshot/Rollback window

    • Added a toolbar and re-arranged UI controls in this window to be more discoverable

    • Now shows more information for each snapshot, such as created date and time, and approximate file size

    • Access to AutoProtect settings from the snapshot/rollback window

  • Sharing

    • Finer control and improved wording for shared applications

Mac OS X Server Guest Improvements

  • Mac OS X Server guest creation now uses SCSI virtual disks as the default disk bus type, not IDE

  • Mac OS X Server guest creation now defaults to the new Mac Profile for Keyboard and Mouse. See Keyboard and Mouse preferences to edit or change this setting.

  • VMware Fusion now ships with a pre-formatted virtual SCSI disk for Mac OS X Server guests, so you don't have to go through the disk formatting step when creating the Mac OS X Server guest

Shared Applications/URL Handling

  • Windows XP only exposes the default web browser as a valid HTTP applications, which means that other browsers would not show up as valid HTTP applications on Windows XP. VMware Fusion 2 works around this Windows XP limitation and adds support for Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Firefox on Windows XP to be valid HTTP proxy applications making web development even easier on the Mac.

Revamped Help

  • VMware Fusion 2 help updated for all new features and user interface changes.

  • Help reorganized to make make it easier to find the information you need and searchable in the Help menu and in Apple's Help Viewer.

Reduced Download Size

  • Reduced download size by over 80 MB compared to VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 2

Issues Resolved in VMware Fusion 2.0 RC

  • Boot Camp activation issues in beta 2: The problem introduced with VMware Fusion 2.0 beta 2 that required reactivation when booting back and forth between Boot Camp and a virtual machine with Windows XP and Vista has been resolved.

  • Keyboard issues in beta 2: The problem where the keyboard failed to work correctly in beta 2 when users belonged to 16 or more groups (primarily in an Active Directory enviornment) has been fixed.

  • Third-party application crashes due to VMDKMounter resolved: The problem some third party applications would crash when VMDKMounter was running should now be resolved.

  • Crash when waking up from sleep. On some Macs, VMware Fusion would crash when waking up from the Mac sleeping. This should be resolved in VMware Fusion 2 RC.

  • Unity: The problem where Unity view failed to work correctly when users belonged to 16 or more groups (primarily in an Active Directory enviornment) has been fixed.

  • MacBooks and MacBook Airs with the Intel GMA X3100 video card can now have correct display operation in Unity view

  • Setting default applications for URL handling now works more reliably

  • Popup windows in Unity view no longer disrupt the operation of Spaces

  • Installing Windows Vista SP1 no longer causes reactivation problems in the native Boot Camp partition and the Boot Camp virtual machine

  • 3D acceleration is enabled by default for appropriate operating systems only

  • The AutoProtect snapshot limit can be set to fewer than three without producing excess snapshots

  • Dragging and dropping a picture from Microsoft Word or Wordpad does not cause VMware Fusion to fail

  • Dragging and dropping a file from the guest to the host now works correctly

  • Windows Easy Install for Windows Vista now works if the user name on the Mac is Administrator

  • The Linux Easy Install option now works with CDs as well as ISO images

  • Logging out in Unity view no longer causes the log out to stall

  • Switching to Unity view does not produce duplicates of each running application

  • VMware Fusion no longer becomes unresponsive when a virtual machine is restarted in Unity view

  • Changing the setting for showing a shared running application in the dock now works in Unity view

  • During a restart to Unity view there is now a visual indication that the virtual machine is loading

  • Using "Safely Remove Hardware" within a virtual machine no longer interferes with mouse action

  • VMware Fusion does not permit attributing the wrong bus type to a virtual hard disk

  • Having the VMware Fusion status bar hidden does not cause VMware Fusion to fail when closing a virtual machine window

  • VMDKMounter does not display an incorrect message after a successful disk mount

  • Removing a default application setting in the preferences window now works correctly

There is a separate beta forum/community for the VMware Fusion 2.0 beta program that includes bug reporting. Please refer to the VMware Fusion 2.0 beta community at:


We are excited to bring make VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate available to you and look forward to your feedback.

NOTE: As with any pre-release release, there are known and unknown issues. We recommend testing only for those who want to use the latest and greatest software and can afford potential downtime and issues.

Pat Lee


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