The Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion Guide

The Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion Guide

Using inspiration from (and with apologies to) David Pogue's 'Missing Manual" series, I humbly present:

The Unofficial Fusion 13 for Apple Silicon Companion Guide
Version 7, 24-Jan-2023

The manual that VMware didn't publish and the one that you will need...


Tumbleweed and Windows users will be happy with this update to the guide. Ubuntu users, well, not so much thanks to Ubuntu.

Updated content in Version 7:

  • Addition of a "known good distribution" list earlier in the guide. That may help users new to Fusion 13 to select a distribution.
  • Update to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed installation and upgrade issues (short version: they're fixed!).
  • Re-verification of Ubuntu download links. Bad news, though. Ubuntu has removed arm64 ISOs for the pre-release 23.04 daily builds. πŸ˜ 
  • Clarification on Ubuntu Desktop on ARM (short version: they don't make it easy).😠
  • Addition of info on Microsoft licensing and activation for Windows 11 ARM.
  • Addition of information for Windows 11 installation from ISO. The procedure has been enhanced with screen shots of of Windows Setup immediately after boot from an installation.
  • Update of free disk space requirements when building ISOs from on Windows.


The Companion Guide contains tips and techniques that were provided through the experiences of the broader Fusion community while running the Tech Preview releases on Apple Silicon Macs. It can save you searching the forum for frequently encountered issues.

The Companion Guide may answer many questions that aren't covered by reading the VMware Fusion documentation. Take a look at it before you start creating VMs - you might find something that will make your life easier. If you have a question that you're thinking about posting in the forum, check out the Companion first - it may already contain an answer to your question.

Of particular interest to Windows users is the section on Windows 11 on ARM. This section is chock full of information, procedures, and screen shots that should help you be successful in the installation of Windows 11 on Fusion 13.

For you Linux users, you haven't been left out. There is plenty of content to help you as well, especially if you are an Ubuntu or Fedora user.

This document will be updated as the community experience with Fusion 13 grows and is discussed in the forums.

Enjoy and please post any comments or questions about the Companion to the Fusion forums.


FYI - the kinetic links don't work...typical ubuntu.  The new one is 'lunar'.

@ColoradoMarmot Thanks for the heads-up. I'll adjust the links, re-verify, and publish a new version on 12-Dec.

Looks also like 22.10 Desktop is no longer available since they've started work on 23.04 Lunar Lobster.

VMware owes you at least $2,500 compensation for your time & trouble producing this document.

The fact that I had to spend 20 minutes googling & digging through forum posts just to get a coherent understanding of the current structure & limitations of Fusion 13 for M1/M2 series Macs reflects poorly on VMware as a company. 


Thank YOU (OP, author of the document) for your time and trouble taken to write & share this doc.

Shame on you VMWARE, Parallels makes this so much easier even my Grandma could do it!

I can't believe that the Windows 11 specific feature is even a selling point for Fusion Pro 13.

This PDF was a HUGE help!!!  Follow the steps folks, dont jump ahead.  And yes it is normal for the ISO to take a long time lol.

I also appreciate the work that went into producing this document. Thank you.

Are there an official roadmap about the development of WMware Tools for enable the Copy/paste and shared file between macOS and Windows11 ARM ?


This is the BEST doc I ever seen on this topic.

It helped me to do a working install and to overcome the failure of VMware tools to be installed by itself.

Shame on you VMware !!!!

@Radar69 In fairness, VMware does describe how to install VMware Tools in Windows 11 ARM in the product documentation. They note that it does not install automatically like it does in Intel Windows.

Should VMware have published something like this? The answer is obviously "yes". But the community can react and tailor any responses to the needs of the community (such as more detailed walk-throughs) faster than VMware can. 

I do fault the VMware Community boards for not having "sticky topics" like other boards I've seen. That would provide an opportunity to put the Companion Guide "front and center" so that it could be more easily found and help more people.

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