Web browsers in virtual machines fail to load a page properly

Ever since I upgraded VMware Fusion from the paid version (VMware Fusion 10/11) to the free version (VMware Fusion Player 12.1.2), web browsers under any virtual machine just never seem to work. Aside from google.com, if I try to open websites with any form of content, I would either get a blank page, an error message, or a strangely truncated, styleless page. The only site that gets displayed in full and in proper formatting is google.com; nothing else.

I've tried IE, Edge, and Chrome, on both Windows 8.1 (VM) and Windows 10 (VM), but I get more or less the same result, even after I have the firewall turned off. My Safari on host Mac OS displays all sorts of website just fine.

How should I go about troubleshooting this?

I'm on Mac OS 11.3 and VMWare Fusion Player Version 12.1.2

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