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Predictive DRS recommendations`

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URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/6.4/com.vmware.vcom.core.doc/GUID-C63BAB0D-8...

Topic Name : vSphere Predictive Distributed Resource Scheduler

Publication Name : vRealize Operations Manager 6.4 Help

Product/Version : vRealize Operations Manager/6.4

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How long (time) or how many data sample are required before vRealize Operations Predictive DRS makes its migration recommendation, and are these parameters customer modifiable?

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I haven't seen anything that specifically tells about the time and number of metrics that it needs.

Predictive DRS starts by leveraging the Dynamic Thresholds of vRealize Operations (one of the core functions of vRealize Operations), which understand the behaviors of all workloads throughout the day. vRealize Operations collects hundreds of metrics across numerous types of objects (Hosts, Datastores, VMs, etc) every day.  Each night it runs its Dynamic Threshold calculations which uses sophisticated analytics to create a band of what is “normal” for each metric/object combination.  The band has an upper and lower bound of normal for each metric associated with object.

The great thing about Dynamic Thresholds is that they are tailored to each individual VM and application.  There is nothing you need to do; the analytical engine in vRealize Operations takes care of everything.

Check out this blog for more information:



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