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Define custom property in the blueprint to get IP Address information (VRA 8.2)


We are using VRA 8.2

I am working on creating workflow flow for get infoblox host by ip address to check whether if the  single ip is assigned to multiple hosts or not if it does i need to cancel the deployment for that i need to pass ip address as an input parameter to the workflow

My thought would be define custom property in the  blueprint to get machine IP address information and pass that  i can IP as input parameter to the workflow 

And i am not sure how to define custom property to retrieve assigned ip address information.

Could you please help with this , Appreciate your help

Here is how i defined  couple custom properties in the blueprint


type: Cloud.vSphere.Machine
skipsnow: '${input.skipsnow}'
deploymentID: '${env.deploymentId}'
deleteOnFailure: '${input.deleteONFailure}'
requestedBy: '${input.requestedBy}'
applicationFM: '${input.applicationFM}'
projectFM: '${input.projectFM}'
environmentFM: '${split(input.environmentFM,''-'')[1]}'
location: '${input.location}'
netzone: '${input.netzone}'
oscode: '${input.oscode}'
osversion: '${input.osversion}'
function: '${input.function}'
mainOwner: '${input.main_owner}'
primaryOwner: '${input.primary_owner}'
backupOwner: '${input.backup_owner}'
justification: '${input.justification}'
autodescription: '${input.autodescription}'
affinity_group: '${input.affinty_group}'
vcenter: '${self.account}'
image: '${input.osversion}'
cpuCount: '${input.CPU}'
totalMemoryMB: '${input.Memory*1024}'
Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsSuffix: fhlmc.com
Infoblox.IPAM.Network.dnsView: Internal DNS
- tag: 'vra-app:Application'
- tag: 'vra-networkzone:${input.netzone}'
- tag: 'vra-location:${input.location}'
- name: '${resource.Cloud_vSphere_Network_1.name}'
network: '${resource.Cloud_vSphere_Network_1.}'
assignment: static
assignIPv6Address: false
count: '${input.instances}'
folderName: Workloads

welcome for any other alternatives or suggestions 

thank you




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