This is pre-relese version of Microsoft Active Directory plugin for vCO.

This version contains fix resolving issue with "Connection reset" error caused by multiple operations executed by the plugin at the same time.


Version 3 - o11nplugin-ad-1.0.2-683. Fix for "Null pointer exception" while browsing AD plugin inventory.

Version 4 - o11nplugin-ad-1.0.2-687. Fix using ActiveDirectory.search("User", "someuser")  can cause timeout. To resolve the issue new function ActiveDirectory.searchExactMatch() is added.


I'm positive I see this problem as well (timeouts)... off to test.

I just did some testing and this new version gets an immediate response while doing a normal search was taking about 20-30 seconds.  I get similar strange laginess when I have an input to a workflow that is an AD user object.  I don't know if it is related or not but it sure whould be nice to see that strange behavior go away as well.

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