no credentials found for peer of SRM server https://ip:9086/vcdr/extapi/sdk

Hi there,

I wonder if anyone can help with a strange problem I'm experiencing but can't find anything specific about online.

I'm using vRA 7.5 with internal vRO server, with a pair of 6.7u1 VCSAs (not linked) and SRM 8.1.1 (and the 8.1.1 plugin for vRO)

I've registered both VCSAs in vRO, a pair of vSphere Replication Appliances (1 per VCSA), and then SRM running the 3 configuration workflows (Configure Local Sites, Configure Remote Site, Login Remote Site) from the release notes which all seem OK.

I'm seeing "no credentials found for peer of SRM server https://ip:9086/vcdr/extapi/sdk" on a few different workflows within vRO under SRM..

- Protect Virtual Machine (but this works if I have already manually protected it!) // and the unprotect virtual machines workflow works

- Protect All unprotected virtual machines associated with protection grop

I can see both 'sites' during the execution of the SRM workflow "Add replicated VM to vSphere Replication Protection Group" which seems to work OK.

Looking at SRM from both VCSA, all looks fine with green ticks and I can bypass vRO and set the stuff up manually.

I can use the vSphere replication workflow tasks OK in vRO.

Very grateful for any thoughts!



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Same error here guys for vRO 7.4 and SRM 6.5.

Any solution for it??

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Guys... We got the solution!!

So in a nutshell the solution requires that SRM get a new token authentication within the workflow process. Basically what you need to do is:

1) Add workflow for Login to Remote Site ( This will generate a new authentication token)

2) Convert VM to UnassignedReplicateVM ( Makes sure if any protection group is in place get's cleanup)

3) Add Replicated VM to vSphere Replication Group ( In case you have vSphere Replication / if you have storage replication you may ignore this part )

4) Protect Virtual Machine

BIG THANKS to Katherine Skilling (https://kskilling.com/) that she had couple of hours for helping me on troubleshooting !

For more details, feel free to check on my blog (#vRA4U Blog - vRealize Automation & vRealize Orchestrator  )