Technical Preview version of VMware vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST Plug-In

Technical Preview version of VMware vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST Plug-In

This document contains HTTP-REST Plug-in artifacts applicable for vRO 7.x and 8.x. Latest versions contain cumulative fixes and updates.

After download, remove trailing '.zip' and install through Control Center

HTTP-REST Plug-in for vRO 7.x/8.x

Version 2.5.0-19752669 (Latest)

  • Add system property to configure connection revalidation period -plugin.http_rest.httpclient.connectionpool.validate_after_inactivity_millis - might prevent intermittent "Failed to respond" request failures
  • Add more detailed request logging - including request duration time
  • Add new redirect strategy option - never redirect any request.
  • Add support for vRO 8.7.1 platform version's changed API for creating workflows
  • Add support for OpenAPI 3.x functionality in Swagger-related workflows
  • Standardise URL encoding - e.g. replace spaces with "%20" instead of "+"

Version 2.4.1-19272162

  • Improve OAuth 2.0 authentication support by introducing option to send bearer token in Authorization request header
  • Fix race conditions related to using transient hosts without support for parallel requests enabled
  • Fix choosing wrong client certificate when multiple certificates are uploaded to the same keystore

Version 2.4.1-18776473

  • Made header properties names case insensitive 
  • Fixed performance drawback when executing multiple CRUD operations on rest hosts
  • Removed option to create https hosts with basic auth proxies
  • Fixed cloning a REST host which doesn't have a proxy

Version 2.4.0-18124475

  • Latest update of vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST Plug-in. This update contains various cumulative fixes and updates in past 5 years

Version 2.0.4-3664626

  • If provided, use https.protocols and https.cipherSuites system properties for HTTPS connections.

Version 2.0.3-3615065

  • Fix for "Errors in Plug-in" exception when browsing HTTP-REST plug-in Inventory.

Version 2.0.1-3664212

  • Fix for " Cannot set 'Accept' header".

How do we get access to these?  The links show them as restricted.

I have just try to download the attachment and now It seems fine.

Hi! Could the plugin be updated with some cookie management features: vRealize Orchestrator HTTP-REST Plugin and cookie management

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