vCO vCheck is a clone of Alan Renouf’s and many others PowerCLI vCheck for vSphere. 90% of the  PowerCLI plug-ins scripts have been re-coded to vCO workflows. See attached document for installation instructions.  I welcome feedback, suggestions and contributions.

vCenter Orchestrator 5.x (see document for specifics)

Updated by: Burke Azbill (VMware) - Implemented e-mail attachment - see my comment for additional details


This is good stuff man!  I'm working on some additional items do you want any assistance?

If you got updates just I would say just put it out here.  I don't know much more I will be contributing to this.

Package file in original post updated by me.

A thread in the communities had asked about having the report e-mailed as an attachment... several replies were posted to the thread with no final solution. I FINALLY installed this package and must commend jcp0wermac for some GREAT work. I noticed that the configuration workflow asked for e-mail details, but the actual action of sending an e-mail did not appear to be implemented in the package. That is now changed.

My changes:

- Added the CSS file from the webview as a resource element so that it may be used for styling the e-mail attachment

- Updated the Main workflow to:

-- Retrieve configuration settings for the e-mail details

-- If emailReport is set, then

---- start an HTML tag, Head tag, and Style tag

----- next add the contents of the vcheck.css resource element

----- close the style and head tag and start the body

----- add the htmlArray to the body

----- close the body and html tag

----- construct a message object, attach the HTML file

----- send the e-mail

NOTE: If you configure the "Mail" plug-in with an appropriate SMTP server and credentials if required, then you do NOT require the SMTPHost and port when defining an e-mail message with vCO Scripts/workflows

I just installed this.  My vCO server is in webview development mode so the webview needs to be exported in order to use it.  When I try to export it I keep getting an error saying "Export Error:  Unable to export to working directory c:\webviewdev\vco_vcheck Reason: Directory doesn't exist" .  The directory does exist though and about half of the webview gets exported.  The images directory and the items in the root do not.  This is vCO 5.5 (Upgraded from 5.1).  Do you have any idea what would be causing this?

When your server is in webview development mode (please tell me you don't leave it in this mode - that is NOT recommended nor supported for production use), the server thinks the files are on your local filesystem in the specified development folder - I can only imagine that this could potentially confuse vCO when you attempt to "Export" a webview. I'm really not certain that this would be the cause of your error, but the quick check is to take your server OUT of development mode and then try the export.

My server is NOT in dev mode and the webview exported very quickly - including images, css, etc..

This particular server is always in dev mode.  It is the server I do all my development of webviews on.  All the other servers are not in dev mode.  I'll flip it and see what happens.

I spent some time on this today while having my morning coffee.  I discovered the issue.  One of the file names in the webview is not a valid Windows filename.  css/old/custom.css-2013-09-27-15:00:47 makes the export fail.  I am gonna assume that I can just delete that whole directory?  It looks like it is just some residual from your development?  I poked around in the webview and I didn't see any references to any of that stuff.

Would it be worth putting this on flowgrab?

It's a great clone of vCheck and having someplace where people could update it would be perfect.

Any chance someone could repackage this in a format that I can import to a 7.1 appliance?  Doesn't seem to want to import.  I get a "Null pointer" exception when I attempt to import.

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