NSX-v Dynamic Types plug-in

NSX-v Dynamic Types plug-in

The included plug-in is a solution I have built for providing NSX Network & Security as a Service in vCAC.

The reason for writing this plug-in was that at the time it was needed there was no solution that could address the requirements including:

  • Listing NSX objects by list
  • Have specific properties for the objects, for example a members list for a security group
  • Having specific operations such as the included Data Security scan
  • Having specific objects supported in the inventory such as the Services
  • Having the plug-in working on vCAC 6.0 / vCO 5.5 U1
  • Having the plug-in on a stand alone vCO server
  • Some OOTB workflows with plug-in objects as inputs / outputs to use with vCAC

This plug-in is also a good way to learn more about the Dynamic Types technology. It is possible to extend the plug-in with REST operations that can be found in the NSX API guide.


Inventory objects:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 21.46.28.png

3 layers workflows :

  • REST
  • Plug-in
  • vCAC specific

OOTB workflows:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 17.05.34.png

Other features that are not NSX / Dynamic Types specific:

  • vCAC query service to select the VM items belonging to its owner (getOwnerVmCatalogItemsQS)
  • vCO locking service to insure a single security scan is run at a single time when multiple users request it (Run data security scan)
  • Get VM catalog items managed object references / vCenter IDs (getCatalogResourceMoref)


  • vCO 5.5 U1 build 1617127 or greater
  • Dynamic Types plug-in 166032 or greater
  • NSX 6.X

Installation / Configuration:

  • Run -1- Install NSX plug-in workflow
  • Run -2- Add NSX host


Material designed for educational / testing purposes. Use at your own risk.


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