Logging into VM and a few other Orchestrator Questions

Right now to deploy VM's we use Customization Templates and apply them against a template. There is one part where during the configuration of the host I need to manually log into the VM so it can run some scripts to configure WMI and a few other items and then it automatically logs me out and reboots. Is there something in Orchestrator that would log a machine in to allow the scripts to run and reboot?

Also is there a way to be specific about data stores I want a .vmdk in? Like can I say create the VM in a data store with the most free space that starts with the name vnx-300* for example.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi TomBrady5Rings,

Yes and yes 😉

For your first question: Can you use Orchestrator to access the guest OS and run commands or scripts? Yes of course! You can use the already included library workflows in orchestrator (just browse within the Library section and you will easily find them) or you can use the Guest Script Manager Package which handles a lot of errors, traps and other things which will make your life way easier​. Otherwise you can add your scripts and commands to the Customization Specification and they will get executed automatically, but I'm not sure this will work with your scripts cause it's a bit limited.

Second question: Store a VM in a specific datastore? Yes of course! Orchestrator gives you nearly unlimited options and you can do whatever you are able to script in vRO. See Sort Datastores Action and Sample workflow as an example.

Cheers, and enjoy vRO coding,