How to backup and restore VCO appliance (Postgres)

How to backup and restore VCO appliance (Postgres)

** UPDATE **  New versions of scripts.  Last versions had a typo on the removal of old files.


Is there an official KB on how to backup and restore the VCO appliance using the Postgres?  Similar how to backup the VCSA (


I do not think there is a KB since the appliance is not supported in production using the embedded DB.

Disclaimer: the following is not an official KB and is totally unsupported! Use it at your own risk!

Backing up/restoring Postgres database in vCO 5.1 appliance is similar to backup/restore of VCSA as described in the above KB article, with the following differences:

  • database location -> /var/lib/pgsql/data
  • EMB_DB_INSTANCE, EMB_DB_USER, EMB_DB_PASSWORD -> take a look at file /opt/vmo/appliance/dbd/create_db.sql

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the help.

I have attached 2 scripts. (run on the VCO appliance = backs up the vmware database) (runs on a remote file server = copies the backups to itself)

****Updated scripts.****

Included section to include the .pgpass file instructions


Could you upload these 2 scripts in the 'Documents' section of this forum? This way, it will be easier to discover/refer to them in the future.

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