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Revert to snapshot in VRA 7.3 using Cloud Client 4.7


I am using cloud client to connect to VRA and trying to do the action revert to snapshot.

The following are the sequence of commands i executed:

1) Authorization to VRA: vra login userpass --user xxxx --tenant xxx --server https://xxxx --password xxxx

2)To list the machines: vra machines list

3) To find the actions that we can perform on a given machine: vra machines action list --id SER35VVM426

4) To execute the revert to snapshot action on the above vm: vra machines action execute --id SER35VVM426 --action 21115e98-92bd-4789-8caa-0e4852a417ee

After executing the above sequence of commands, when I look at the vmware console I see that it is failed and the error message is:

[Error code: 42000 ] - [Error Msg: Infrastructure service provider error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value]

Can someone extend their help on what it actually means?



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