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Dynamically Populate a DropDown using VRO Actions

I am very new to the whole vRealize Automation Ochestrator environment. 

One of the first things i would like to achieve during our POC is to dynamcally populate dropdown properties. 

I have created simple little VCO Actions, to feed back data to VRA, when i choose one of this Actions via a Property VRA throws an Error: 

Error while saving proverty definition: System exception

I struggle with getting around this issue, since all the registrations are working and all the communication otherwise works fine, all the components are in the same subnet as well, so no FW in between.

I have attached the part of the catalina.out log which is being produced during the failed saving request. 

I am gratefull for any help. 




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Any chance you're returning a null value?

Take a look here for a bit of a guide:

Property Dictionary Relationships in vRA7 -

Grant http://grantorchard.com

Is it possible you have multiple tenants, and the tenant with the issue is using a different vro server than the default tenant?  If so, I'm seeing the same issue, and as I pulled my hair out, found these:



and then

Potential Bug Found: HTTP 400 Errors for Dynamically Generated Dropdowns in Property Definitions whe...

which told me to set the default tenant's vro the same as my tenant with the issue.  The first article seems to be an early iteration of the problem, and the second seem to show it will be fixed in 7.0.1 (but I am running 7.1 & it is dated after the release of 7.0.1).

Changing the default tenant from the built in local vro to using the external vro appliance built for the tenant with the issue solved it, but unfortunately this is not a viable solution since we have separate vro servers for each tenant.  I'm hoping that this gets fixed soon!

Hope it helps.

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RogerBad‌, you have to configure your action to return an array even if you're returning a single string.  Once that's configured, make sure the string(s) are enclosed in brackets like so: [string] or ["one","two","three"]

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