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Disable Resubmit on vRA 7.5 failed Deployment

Can we hide Resubmit button in vRA 7.5 for failed deployments? Currently entitlements do not have option to revoke this permission. Issues with Resubmit button we have seen are below :

  • Support users who do not have entitlements to a given Service catalogue or XaaS catalogue, can see the failed deployment in deployment tab and can resubmit the deployment.
  • On a vRA Blueprint, Resubmit does to update the input values of hidden fields (derived from other fields through vRO action) in a custom form.
  • On a XaaS form, Resubmit does not update values of the fields derived from other fields using vRO action.
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Resubmit is not an entitle-able action, because it's not a day 2 operation. It's by design that it's available to everyone for all requests. It's working as designed.

As a workaround, you could create an approval workflow to block the invalid submissions. You could accomplish this by creating an approval policy with approval required based on the condition "requested by does not equal (the vRO service user)" and setting the approver to use event subscription and write a workflow that automatically rejects all such requests. This should effectively block the unwanted re-submissions.