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Connect using RDP (Following a Virtual Machine cloning)

I'm having more dfficulties with the vCAC 5.1 Operating Guide concerning to RDP functoionality..

vCAC 5.1 Operating Guide, Page 108

"Connecting to a Cloud Machine for the First Time

Every virtual and physical machine is automatically provisioned with a user account for the machine’s
vCAC owner. Because cloud machines are provisioned within a cloud service, however, vCAC cannot
create user accounts on a cloud machine. For this reason, the first time you connect to a cloud machine
you must log in as Administrator. You can then add the credentials under which you use vCAC as a user
on the machine, and log in under your vCAC credentials from that point on.

The first time you connect to a Windows cloud machine you have provisioned, follow this procedure:
1. Select the Edit option, as described below, for the cloud machine.
2. On the Edit Machine Record page, click the Show button for Administrator password.
3. Select and copy the password and paste it into an ASCII text editor such as Windows Notepad."

Unfortunately in the Virtual machines I have deployed (Cloned templates with an Administrator password), I only have a

Machine Information pane and the Custom Properties. Nothing about the Show button for Administrator. So

adding the owner of the Virtual machine to the Remoted Desktop group is not possible for me... or did I miss somthing ?

Why isn't there a vCAC-Agent that does this ? (The EPI Agent looks like an interesting lad, but it's for a Citrix deployment)



Erik Bussink Solution Architect @VMware CISSP, VCP#67, RHCE, DCUCD
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Hi Erik

I'm not sure I fully understand your issue, but I believe you could do one of the following, in order to add the user to the remote desktop group:

- use the vcac windows guest agent to execute post-cloning scripts to the new VM in order to add the user to the group

  (see page 16: The Windows guest agent is optionally installed on cloning templates to run as a service on
Windows machines provisioned by cloning, enabling further customization of these machines. )

- run a script through the Run-Once facility of Customization specification



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You should be able to use the following custom property to add the Owner of the virtual machine (the requester of the virtual machine from vCAC) to the Remote Desktop users group


You can find further information regarding this Property value in the vCAC Operating guide

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