[Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE disabled due to Errata; please update microcrocode

I went through all the BIOS FW update for this machine but I still get this error from Photon 3 or 4 installs.

I have found this : https://linuxpip.org/fix-tsc-deadline-error/

But a

yum search intel

Returned no useful package.

Any suggestion to solve this problem ?

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Photon OS is a purpose-built os, optimized as container host, hence the baremetal support mostly comes from the linux kernel. There aren't Photon OS extras repositories with hardware drivers and CPU microcode packages. That said, better run Photon OS on vSphere, AWS, Azure or GCE. Photon OS runs best on vSphere (with VMware-hypervisor optimized configuration).

Of course, enthusiasts try to make run Photon OS on baremetal...hence, fail early is normal.

There is an initiative to push support for hardware driver install, see https://github.com/vmware/photon/issues/1362

As Linux experienced lowlevel programmer and Photon OS swashbuckler, these Intel web links might help.

Good luck. Fail early to succeed sooner J


ps. For safety purposes, keep an eye on filesystem consistency check https://vmware.github.io/photon/assets/files/html/3.0/photon_troubleshoot/fsck.html .

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