VDI Calculator-v1.xlsx

VDI Calculator-v1.xlsx

• This   calculator is targeted for VMware View designs running on top of vSphere   infrastructure
• All the inputs are Mandatory
• All the calculations are done assuming VMware Composer along   with Linked Clones is being used.
• Hybrid Architecture is N/A
• It assumes the processor speed as 2.5Ghz
• All the calculations have been done for RAID5
• Overheads are considered
1. 5% for CPU
2. 5% for Memory
3. 10% for Storage
• IOPS calculated at 10 IOPS per VDI with 80% Read IOPS &   20% Write IOPS
• This calculations doesn't count the Boot storm IOPS
• Three Types of Users are considered
1. Task Workers
2. Knowledge Workers
3. Power Users
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I have been trying to use the sizer. Is it possible you can expand on a few of the fields?

I assume the capacity column reflects the capacity of the physical servers I need to provide the VDI solution defined in the inputs column?

In the "inputs" column, what is the field for "Total Servers"? Which servers are these?

In the inputs column what is meant by the "parent VM configuration"?

In the inputs column what is meant by the "Server configuration"?



Agree with Andrew. Please describe your inputs a bit better.

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