iOS - Horizon server connection failed http error 400

Hi all,

I am very new to this world and apologies for the maybe stupid question.

I have been running a ESXi server on a NUC that I have at home, on which I run a few VM's, mainly Win10.

I usually connect to my home VPN server, and connect to my VM's from Mac, PC, iPad or whatever I have handy, using the VMWare Remote Console (on Mac and Win clients), or the vSphere Mobile Client from the iPad.

Unfortunately the iOS vSphere app is very non-user-friendly, hence I thought I could "maybe" use the Horizon Client app.

When I tried to login to my server from my LAN, it gives me a certificate error, which I understood somewhere on this forum is a limitation imposed by iOS. I have then disabled the server certificate verification, but it fails with "Horizon server connection failed http error 400".

Is there a way I can connect to my server using the Horizon Client app or anything more user-friendly than the vSphere app?

Not even sure if the license I have supports these use cases, hence also happy to hear how to "upgrade" to allow a better home-lab experience (if at all possible).

Thanks to anyone willing to help

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