Using UEM to redirect Outlook settings

We are having to get a Horizon 7 environment running asap.  We currently have a production environment that is using Persona to handle folder redirection.  As Persona is not working with our new environment (Windows 10 LTSC linked clones on Horizon View 7.9), we have set up User Environment Manager 9.8.  Folder redirection seems to be working, but Outlook 2016 settings are still mostly local to the machine, so that when a user logs into a new machine, they have to reconfigure Outlook again.

I see that there is an Outlook config template for Personalization, but it is not very intuitive on how to configure.  Can someone point me in the right direction for documentation on how to get something done to provide the same experience as when we were using persona?  Additionally (and kind of in conjunction) is there a way to force appdata local to redirect with appdata roaming as Persona does.

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A few things.

    1) This is the wrong location for this thread. It should be in the DEM section of the forum

    2) AppData redirection as a whole is not a best practice. However, you can do it if you please but not recommended.

               To redirect the complete folder, select the tab User Environment > Select Folder Redirection > Create (See the warning message)

    3) Can you clarify which portion of Outlook is not being personalized? Are you using outlook in Online or Cache mode?


"Outlook config template for Personalization, but it is not very intuitive on how to configure"

           - I don't believe there is such document. At least I have never read it. DEM Easy start gives you a template to work with. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. If you want to                capture more data, all you have to do is click on Manage > Expend > Add the additional contents you wish to capture. You can also create your custom template.

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Didnt realize there was a specific section for DEM.

I already created the folder redirection for AppData, but not everything under AppData is redirecting.  There is still an AppData local folder which seems to be getting some of the Outlook settings.

Using Outlook online.  As for what portion of Outlook is not being personalized, every time we log into a linked clone, have to go through the setup option for the mailbox as you would when logging into a new pc for the first time.  The signature is roamed, as I only have to go in and set it for my new emails and replies/forwards, i don't have to recreate it.

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Here is what I did:

1. GPO with Loopback enabled that redirects the OST file to a server: User config | Policies | Admin templates | MS Outlook 2016 |Miscellaneous | PST Settings - Default location: Enabled with setting of \\server\share\%username%

2. UEM (yes, still UEM) Outlook:

# This Flex config file references a built-in Microsoft Office 2016 application template.

# A condition is configured (on the Conditions tab) to make sure this config file is only

# processed when logging on and off on a machine where Office 2016 is installed in the default

# installation directory.

#This section is used to include reg keys & folder locations to help capture Outlook Signatures





# trying to get email autocomplete



# Expanded settings for the Microsoft Office 2016 Application Template 'Outlook':






HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles

































This seems to capture everything we need for settings, signatures and authentication token.

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Chris we are not using persona and running into the same issues.  Did you ever find a solution for this?

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